isready to help you all the time.However, we have some terms and conditions that you should look at before you place an order.
  • When you place your order at , thecompany will charge you for services. These charges are non-refundable and are deducted from your credit card.Our company will take strict action against those who use stolen credit cards. We have a strictanti-fraudpolicy,and will report such cases to the police without delay, so that criminals are brought to justice.
  • Sometimes delay in order occurs because of some problems from the customer’s side. These problems may be anincorrect email address,alate response from customers to writer’s queries, spam filters, and internet access problems. In all such cases,we will not be held responsible for thedelay.
  • To avoid such delays, you should update your softwareand provide accurate contact information. In cases where thecompany is responsible for thedelay, you can claim apartial or full refund.
  • We have a free revision policy, so you can ask for a revision of your essay within 14 days of thedeadlinein case of ashort essay, and 30 days if it is along essay. If you made a revision request after the deadline, then a small fee will be charged. If you want us to make some changes in your essay, which you didn’t mention before, a small service fee will be charged again.
  • If the client doesn''t feel satisfied with the essays provided to him or her,then he or she can request a refund within three days.After three days, the client will not be entitled toany type of refund.
  • The order can be cancelledonly until it is not forwarded to the writer; after that time cancellation is not possible.
  • If we find any of our clientsto be inviolation of our user agreement, then reserves the right to deny services to the client in question in the future.
  • After receiving your order within the requested deadlines, you need to make the entire payment and verify the billing information on time. It is also required that you provide us with complete information and instructions regarding requirements of the order.